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Our Full Indian Academic Book Catalogue Now Available Through Blackwell’s Online!

Posted by Ray McLennan on 22-Feb-2018 12:39:48

Much of the content on our website, and indeed many of the articles on this blog, are aimed at retail, wholesale and organisational customers. We are aware, however, that the most important factors are the needs and interest of end-users – the people who will be buying and reading the books. We want to provide the broadest and easiest access to Indian books for the widest number of people, and the way we have done this so far is through our network of supply partners.

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Publisher Profile: Penguin-Random House India

Posted by Ray McLennan on 13-Feb-2018 14:13:58

Penguin Books of India, a subsidiary of the Penguin-Random House group based in New York, is this year celebrating 30 years as an independent publisher of Indian authors and titles. It is one of the best recognised Indian publishing companies, each year showcasing hundreds of well-known and up-and-coming authors from India itself and the Indian diaspora.

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Book Review: Democracy’s Eleven by Rajdeep Sardesai

Posted by Ray McLennan on 05-Feb-2018 15:20:22

There are few things as quintessentially Indian as cricket. As a business with roots in both India and England this makes us delighted. An English sport, familiar on every village green across the Home Counties, is the national sport of India, followed and played by millions. Cricket is a symbol of the profound cultural connections between the UK and India, the same exchange of ideas that has made curry our national dish of choice here in the UK!

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Publisher Profile: HarperCollins Publishers India

Posted by Ray McLennan on 30-Jan-2018 10:30:00

HarperCollins (India) is one of a number of Western publishing houses that have established a fully autonomous publishing presence in India. HarperCollins is now one of the most important publishing houses in India, with a publishing agenda independent of its parent company, and a wide range of interesting authors and titles.

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Publisher Profile: Juggernaut Press

Posted by Ray McLennan on 24-Jan-2018 14:45:00

Juggernaut Press, founded by entrepreneur Chiki Sarkar in 2016, is one of the most innovative modern publishing houses to have been established in India in recent years. In contrast to some of the big names in Indian publishing, Juggernaut Press is completely independent, with no connections to any American or British publishing house. 

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Remembering 70 Years Of Partition: 5 Indian History Books To Learn More

Posted by Ray McLennan on 17-Jan-2018 14:31:37

Remembering 70 Years Of Partition - 5 Indian History Books To Learn More - NEW1.png

There was not a family in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh who was unaffected by the partition of 1947 – an event which passed its 70th anniversary in August 2017. Coming as it did after the euphoria of independence and the struggles of many men and women in the 1930s and 40s, partition was a bitter blow to widespread dreams of unity and has left a mixed legacy. 70 years on, many people still living remember the tumultuous times following partition, when India was plunged into near Civil War. This year, we have celebrated the positive aspects of independence for India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, alongside other postcolonial countries. Partition holds lessons from history that should never be forgotten, but from the perspective of 2017, we feel there is cause for optimism about how each of these countries has charted a unique course under challenging economic and political conditions.

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Join Us At The New Delhi World Book Fair in January 2018!

Posted by Ray McLennan on 08-Jan-2018 14:28:10

Hot on the tail of Christmas, our team will be attending the New Delhi World Book Fair in New Delhi, India, between the 6th and 14th January 2018. As India’s premier literary Expo, the World Book Fair is the best annual opportunity to connect with emerging businesses and established players in the Indian publishing industry, See the latest titles, and stay informed on all the trade news.

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Book Review: The Path of Purification – The Classic Manual Of Buddhist Doctrine & Meditation

Posted by Ray McLennan on 03-Jan-2018 14:23:54

Bhikku Nanamoli (Trans) | Buddhist publication Society | ISBN: 9789552400230 | Hardback | £29.99

The Path of Purification, or Visuddhimagga in the Pali language, is one of the most important foundational texts of Buddhism. The collection of Buddhist Scriptures, the Pali Canon, contains a wide variety of lectures and teachings attributed to the Buddha himself or his direct disciples. The Path Of Purification, first written in the fifth century A.D. by Bhadantacariya Buddhaghosa, attempted to consolidate these teachings into a unified practice, the goal of which is to attain Nirvana, envisioned as a state of complete purification.

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Book Review: Unified Architectural Theory (Form, Language, Complexity) by Nikos Salingaros

Posted by Ray McLennan on 27-Dec-2017 11:30:00

Vajra Books | ISBN: 9789937623056 | £9.99 paperback

Unified Architectural Theory is a bold and sweeping concept. The author Nikos Salingaros attempts to do nothing less than synthesise all the main theories and concepts of architecture into one unified theory. This is an ambitious undertaking, and the reader will have to be the judge of whether Salingaros is successful at making a persuasive case. What the book does do, in characteristically bold style, is provide a cohesive explanation of all the major trends in world architecture, both in India and the West, exploring each in terms of form, language and complexity. In principle, applying the unified theory should bring a deeper and more scientific understanding of any style of architecture.

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Book Review: Heart of Buddhist Meditation: A Handbook Of Mental Training by The Venerable Nyanaponika Thera

Posted by Ray McLennan on 19-Dec-2017 16:11:42

The Buddhist Publication Society | ISBN: 9789552401008 | £8.99

The Heart of Buddhist Meditation is a complete course in Buddhist meditation techniques drawn from the Theravada tradition of Buddhism. The teaching is progressive, building from simple mindfulness practices to advanced meditation techniques, capable of inducing powerful states of consciousness. The core practice is ‘insight meditation’, or vipassana, the purpose of which is to give the practitioner direct insight into the true nature of reality. Buddhism posits three underlying states of existence that can be revealed by meditation, these being ‘suffering’, the illusory nature of the self, and the impermanence of matter.

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