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Book Review: Unified Architectural Theory (Form, Language, Complexity) by Nikos Salingaros

Posted by Ray McLennan on 27-Dec-2017 11:30:00

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Vajra Books | ISBN: 9789937623056 | £9.99 paperback

Unified Architectural Theory is a bold and sweeping concept. The author Nikos Salingaros attempts to do nothing less than synthesise all the main theories and concepts of architecture into one unified theory. This is an ambitious undertaking, and the reader will have to be the judge of whether Salingaros is successful at making a persuasive case. What the book does do, in characteristically bold style, is provide a cohesive explanation of all the major trends in world architecture, both in India and the West, exploring each in terms of form, language and complexity. In principle, applying the unified theory should bring a deeper and more scientific understanding of any style of architecture.

This project isn’t a purely intellectual undertaking. The author has a very practical outcome in mind: knowledge of underlying architectural trends and processes can be used to inspire a more sustainable approach to city planning, and an approach to architecture that is more conducive to personal health and well-being.

Nikos Salingaros loves architecture – a passion that comes across vividly in this lucid work. However, he is not blind to the historical and contemporary issues around urban development, including pollution, poverty, anxiety, stress and social alienation. He recognises the vital role that architecture, design and planning play in shaping the urban environments of the future, improving human existence at a fundamental level.



Title - Unified Architectural Theory

Author - Salingaros Nikos A

ISBN - 9789937623056

Price - £9.99





Target Readership

Unified Architectural Theory is an academic sourcebook that presumes a working knowledge of architectural concepts. Therefore, we feel the target readers would be architectural students, practising architects, or non-specialists with a deep knowledge of the subject. This is not an introductory title or immediately accessible to a lay reader, but it nevertheless would work well alongside a shelf of other architectural topics. For a reader scouring the shelf for something a bit different, or for an alternative view of architecture, this book will be a real find, and contains a lot of valuable content. The price, too, makes Unified Architectural Theory a very attractive title, in a world where architectural textbooks frequently sell for four or five times this sum.

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