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Discover The Holy Quran This Ramadan

Posted by Ray McLennan on 15-Jun-2017 12:27:38

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The holy month of Ramadan – observed as a time of fasting by Muslims worldwide – takes place this year between 27th May and 24th June. Ramadan is the ninth month of the traditional Muslim lunar calendar, which begins at the sighting of the first crescent moon following the New Moon of Shab’an, the eighth month.

Ramadan is a special time for Muslims because it commemorates the first revelation of the Holy Quran to Mohammed in 610 CE. Practising Muslims are encouraged to abstain from food AND DRINK between sunrise and sunset on each day of Ramadan as an act of religious devotion. While this is the most famous practice associated with Ramadan, it does not tell the whole story. At the same time, Muslims are encouraged to engage in community prayers, perform good acts, give to charity, refrain from bad deeds and study the Quran.

Many Muslims use Ramadan to reacquaint themselves with the treasures of their religion in the Quran, while for non-Muslims it provides an opportunity to learn more about the Islamic faith.

For independent booksellers we stock four excellent English translations of the Holy Quran, suitable for both practising Muslims and general readers.

1) The Holy Quran - 9788171512522, Hardback, 1,912 pages, Includes Index, £28.99, ($46.50)

Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

This excellent study version of the Quran includes the full text in Arabic, with an English transliteration of the Arabic script perfect for the non-Arabic reader. This runs side-by-side with a readable translation in modern English. The edition comes with introductions to every Surah and includes informative commentary and notes on the English translation, making it perfect for prayer groups and individual study. An index includes a full English translation of important Arabic terms and phrases. This is a beautiful, deluxe edition of the Quran with high quality paper, printing and binding.

2) The Holy Quran – 9788171512188, Hardback, 752 pages, £9.99, ($16.50)

Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

This compact edition of the Quran is small enough for easy reading and carrying, while also coming with robust hardback binding. The book features side-by-side Arabic verses, written in Arabic script, with a clear English translation. This is a great, low cost Quran for readers who want to read the quran quickly, in english or arabic, without the distraction of commentaries and purports.

3) The Holy Quran – 9788171512072, Hardback, 652 pages incl Index, £13.99, ($22.50)

Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

This simple but attractive Quran is perfect for everyday reading. It includes the original Arabic alongside an English translation, with the Arabic transliterated into the Roman alphabet for easy pronunciation. There is also an English index of all keywords and phrases.

4) The Holy Quran – 9788171512065, Hardback, 640 pages, £13.99, ($22.50)

Translated by Muhammad M. Pickthall

Muhammad Pickthall’s English translation of the Quran accurately translates the elegant prose of the original Arabic into everyday English. The Arabic text, Roman transliteration and English translation are all featured side-by-side on the same page, making it a valuable guide for readers of both english and Arabic. This is a simple and robust hardback edition, suitable for study or devotional use.

The Holy Quran from Motilal Books

All these editions of the Holy Quran are available to booksellers at competitive wholesale prices in volumes ranging from a few copies to many hundreds. We also stock an extensive range of books on Islamic lifestyle and culture, prayer, devotions, history and law – all published in English by leading Indian and Pakistani publishers. Please check our in stock range which changes daily and can be found on our website then get in touch to place your order and receive your stock during Ramadan or all year round.

Call Barbara on 01727 761 677, or send us a message for further details.

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