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Book Review: 'Era Of Darkness: British Rule In India' by Shashi Tharor (ISBN 9789383064656)

Posted by Ray McLennan on 06-Feb-2019 14:30:00

Book Review Era Of Darkness British Rule In India by Shashi Tharor

An Era Of Darkness: The British Empire in India, published by the Aleph Book Company in 2016, is an explosive and ground breaking examination of the effects of British rule in India, and its ongoing repercussions for modern India. Its author, Shashi Tharoor, is a politician and former diplomat as well as a bestselling author of both non-fiction and fiction. The book was inspired by a speech he made at the Oxford Union in 2015, which subsequently went viral on YouTube and galvanised conversation around Britain's debts to its former colonies.



Title - Era Of Darkness: British Rule In India

Author - Shashi Tharor

Price - £10.32

ISBN - 9789383064656



What Is The Book About?

The book sets out a clear and comprehensive argument, exploring British rule's impact with the aid of extensive statistics and detailed first-hand historical accounts. Tharoor investigates in detail the transformations in India's society, industry, economy and agriculture caused by British exploitation of local resources, and confronts the common arguments regarding the purported benefits of British rule, such as railways and other infrastructure, democracy and laws. From the establishment of the East India Company during the reign of Elizabeth I to the achievement of Indian independence in 1947 and beyond, Tharoor takes readers through the history of Britain's presence in India, not shying away from its darker chapters but also offering a hopeful vision for the future, examining the ways in which present-day India is recovering from British rule, reflecting on its many successes as a post-colonial state, and celebrating its unique identity and position in the modern world.

Who Is ‘An Era Of Darkness’ Written For?

An Era of Darkness will appeal to anyone with an interest in Indian history, British colonial history, or the consequences of colonialism in general. Its straightforward, compelling style makes it accessible for more general readers with a passing interest in the subject matter, while still being an important read for those with more in-depth existing knowledge. The granular detail and extensive use of evidence and statistics paints a vivid and exhaustive picture of the events discussed.

About Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor was born in London in the 1950s to Malayali Nair parents. Emigrating with his family to India as a small child, he grew up in Yercaud, Mumbai and Kolkata, then studied history at St Stephen's College, Delhi. After a distinguished diplomatic career, including a nomination for Secretary-General of the United Nations, he attained a prominent position in Indian politics, becoming the Member of Parliament for Thiruvananthapuram. Tharoor has also found time for a successful writing career, publishing more than a dozen books, covering both fiction and non-fiction.

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Era of Darkness, Shashi Tharor, 9789383064656, Hb, £15.75

Available from, The Book Depository, The Wordery.

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