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Import Indian Books – From the UK

Posted by Ray McLennan on 17-Nov-2016 11:10:00

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The UK may not seem like the first place to turn if you are a bookseller looking to import a range of quality Indian books, but please bear with us! Whatever your opinion on the UK’s ‘Brexit’ referendum in June 2016, there is no denying that the subsequent devaluing of the pound has made Britain a fantastic place to buy from for wholesalers and booksellers.  

So if you have been thinking about purchasing Indian books, whether for an Academic library supply, online or off-line bookstore, we would like you to give serious consideration to buying stock from us. In pure financial terms it makes a lot of sense.

Increased Value For International Customers

For U.S Dollars customers, on June 23rd $100 would have secured you £64.10 worth of books. If you spend the same amount today, you could get £79.91(+24%) for your money. This amounts to a massive increase in spending power, turning the UK into one of the West’s export capitals almost overnight.

For Eurozone customers, there are also significant savings to be had. Before the referendum, €100 equated to £76.40. Today, a customer spending €100 would be able to secure £88.88 worth of books (+16%).

Why Import Books From Motilal Books?

The question remains; why spend your wholesale dollars with us rather than import directly from India? The answer is simple. Outside of India, we are the largest importer and stockholder of Indian books on the planet. We have an import office in the UK, as well as a permanent office in Delhi, where we enjoy exclusive export partnership rights with more than 700 Indian publishers, and we procure from all the other publishers in India.

Guaranteed accurate availability + price report:

  • Prices correct as on Nielsen book data
  • Discounts 25%-40%
  • Credit Facility
  • Return Facility
  • Quality Control
  • Prices including freight to UK

This puts us in the strongest position to secure you a wide range of Indian topics covering every literary genre and Academic subject. The English-language publishing scene in India is growing at an astronomical rate. Indian authors publish high-quality fictional and non-fictional topics, ranging from romantic novels to historical dramas to science textbooks and religious studies. Indian books have a growing readership in the UK, across Europe, America and the rest of the world; both among Indian diaspora communities and readers with no historic connection to India.

The Largest Stock Of English Language Indian Books Outside India

We currently hold over 20,000 book titles in stock at our UK headquarters, and we add an additional 700 to 1,000 newly published titles every month. In addition, through our contacts we give you access to over 100,000 Indian books on the Nielson Book Data Catalogue that can be ordered on request through our regular shipments from India.

So if you’re interested in diversifying your books to include a growing and exciting market of Indian titles, there is no better time to do so. We offer you the biggest collection of English language Indian books, from one place, at fantastic wholesale rates. Unlike many exporters, we haven’t increased our prices to compensate for the drop in the pound, making our books even more competitive.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about Indian books and the benefits offered to independent booksellers, have a look at our free eBook; The Guide to Buying Books From India. Click here to claim your copy today.

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