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Indian Publisher Focus: Pentagon Press

Posted by Ray McLennan on 06-Jan-2017 11:55:39

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To showcase the range of rare and specialised topics on India that we stock at Motilal Books, we’d like to write a series of articles to introduce some of our Indian publishing partners. We are lucky enough to work with some amazing publishers from India, as well as from Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere. Each publisher has his own story, his own approach to publishing and a unique company culture.

In this article, our topic is Pentagon Press, a pioneering English-language publishing company based in New Delhi - that, to date, has published more than 600 titles in English. MOST of these titles are exclusively available from Motilal Books, for worldwide sale..

Company Background

Pentagon Press sees itself as a high-impact publishing house for stakeholders at all the different levels of society - from academics, policymakers and civil servants to concerned citizens. The company has an interesting history, beginning as a one-man publishing venture in 1984 and growing to become one of India’s most influential international publishing firms.

Their mission statement is to “Serve the nation, empower citizens, cultivate peace and harmony, engage in responsible publishing and distribution, encourage old and new authors alike, support gender equality, uphold human rights and push forth effective corporate social responsibility”.

So far, Pentagon has done well to live up to its high ideals. The publishing house has established goodwill and credibility with quality publications and rich content, which have elicited widespread praise within the publishing industry in India and abroad. In 2016, Indian MSME Minister Shri Kalraj Misra conferred the Excellence in Publishing Award on Pentagon Press. This follows on from previous recognition with the prestigious Best Publisher (in English language) Award in 2010 and 2001.

Book Topics

What we love about Pentagon is their unflinching engagement with contemporary global issues. They understand the power of literature in educating people and fostering a wider engagement with political, environmental and business issues — not just among academics, but among general readers too.

Pentagon’s topics will interest many different readers, with books on Indian security and development, South Asian military strategy and geopolitics, security studies, international relations and strategic leadership, et al. Recent and on-going military conflicts are covered, such as that in Afghanistan. Emerging issues also feature among Pentagon’s books, with titles exploring smart cities, climate change and sustainable education.

Military history fans will also enjoy the books published by Pentagon Press. One of the recent additions to their catalogue is an impressive 12 volume history of the Indian Armed Forces during the Second World War — an often neglected aspect of that global conflict.

Third Eye

Before you think that Pentagon Press is solely concerned with political and military issues, let us inform you that they also have a small publishing branch called Third Eye, which publishes mind, body and spirit titles. This reveals something important and touching about Pentagon’s business ethic: that the key to sound judgement in global affairs is recognition of the spiritual nature of man, and a focus on human dignity and holistic health. In this field, as in all their endeavours, Pentagon’s authors and publishing team keep an open mind in order to create clear insight.

International Partnerships

Pentagon’s global and strategic approach to international relations is reflected in the partnerships they have established with academic and political institutions around the world. These include: The Brooking Institution Press (USA); National University of Singapore; Curtin University, (Australia); Indian Ocean Research Group (Mauritius); Institute for Transnational Studies (Germany); Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India; Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (India); Centre for Land Warfare Studies (India); Indian Council of World Affairs (India); National Maritime Foundation (India); Observer Researcher Foundation (India); Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (India); Infinity Foundation (USA); National Institute of Advanced Studies (India); Brahmos Aerospace (India) and the Centre for Joint Welfare Studies (India).

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