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Indian Publishers Focus: TERI Environmental Publishers

Posted by Ray McLennan on 25-Apr-2017 10:52:50

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The publisher we examine in this article is radically different to the others we have looked at, demonstrating the vitality and diversity of the Indian English-language publishing industry. You can read our previous articles about Kitab Bhavan, Pentagon Press and Pearson by following these links.

About The Energy Resources Institute

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is a very different beast. For a start, it isn’t primarily a book publisher at all. TERI is a well-established renewable energy research Institute and think tank. For more than 40 years, TERI has been known for its innovative research and its proposed solutions to the energy crisis in the developing world, many of which have been well ahead of their time. The Institute has provided expert advice to successive Indian governments and international agencies, suggesting solutions to a wide range of environmental problems; from waste management, to clean water and renewable energies.

An Indian Perspective On A Global Problem

The developing world clearly has an energy problem. While by no means unique to India (China, Brazil and Mexico have many of the same problems), the issues caused by rapid industrial and economic growth and a booming population are felt here more acutely than in other countries. In 2017 the population of India stood at 1.337 billion people, up from 1.252 billion in 2013. That’s an increase of 85 million - more than the population of Germany – in just three years.

A century ago India was almost unrecognisable. Industry was concentrated in a small handful of major cities, with the bulk of the population pursuing traditional farming techniques in rural communities. This was largely the case until the 1960s, when the ‘economic miracle’ began to kick in. In 50 years India has gone through a process of rapid industrialisation and economic expansion that took Western countries 250 or more years. This pace of growth has posed difficult challenges, including air pollution, pressure on fossil fuels, overcrowding and an income gap between the richest and poorest citizens.

Drastic change calls for drastic solutions, and in this respect India is in a unique position. India has some of the best funded and most innovative technical research institutes in the world, and some of the most highly educated engineering graduates. TERI is one such example – a world leading environmental Institute providing practical answers at the coalface of climate change and economic development. These answers are contained in TERI’s superb Policy Brief journals, and in the books produced by their publishing arm: TERI Environmental Publishers.

TERI Policy Briefs And Books

TERI Policy Briefs are detailed publications covering specific environmental issues, such as ‘Non--Fuel Mineral Security’, ‘Petroleum Product Pricing Reform’, and ‘Proliferation of Cars in Indian Cities’. They represent a contemporary, Indian perspective on pressing environmental issues, but their insights can be applied elsewhere in the world. These single issue, magazine length studies have been published at a rate of four to ten per year since 2010. TERI’s books feature more in depth analyses of an equally diverse range of environmental issues; with some written for specialists and others for general readers.

Environmentalists and engineers in any country will find these publications interesting and informative.

Why Stock TERI Publications?

If your bookshop already sells environmental and international development titles then you will have a ready-made readership for TERI publications. Stocking books by TERI Environmental Publishers gives your readers a wealth of up-to-date environmental research that they may not otherwise be able to find through western publishers. It makes them part of a conversation on climate change and global development that ultimately affects every human being on the planet.

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