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Our Stock Catalogue Has Just Surpassed 16,000 Unique Titles!

Posted by Ray McLennan on 11-Oct-2017 11:20:00

Our Stock Catalogue Has Just Surpassed 16,000 Unique Titles!.png

We are proud to announce that our stock catalogue of English language Indian books now exceeds 16,000 unique titles. This makes us the world’s largest stockholder of Indian books, outside of India, serviced with our offices in India and the UK.

Our titles are drawn from over 750 Indian publishers, plus publishing houses in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and across South Asia. With many of these books unavailable through other channels in the West, we provide a unique outlet for Indian authors and publishers of all genres, connecting them with a new readership in Europe and America. To these we add between 700 and 1,000 new titles each month, on every conceivable topic from Indian language dictionaries to chemical engineering, comics, children’s books, romance novels and holy texts.

We are also a leading exporter of books in native Indian languages, providing a useful resource for Indian language speakers living abroad, as well as students of Indian literature and culture.

For booksellers looking for specific titles, we can also order books from over 100,000 Indian titles held on Amazon, for the public to view, OR Nielsen book data records, as used by the book trade. You can search by author, subject, keyword, ISBN or title, and our customer service team are always happy to help you find the books you need.

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India is one of the world’s leading sources of English-language books of all genres. We are passionate about the Indian publishing industry and have seen first-hand how Indian publications have helped independent booksellers diversify their stock and offer increased value in specialist subjects to their customers.

The advantages of offering Indian publications, along with information about leading authors, publishing houses and trending topics, are explained in our two free e-books. Follow the links below to claim your free copies.

The Independent Book Seller’s Guide To Books From India: A free guide to sourcing unusual and interesting Indian books at trade prices on all topics.

The Guide To Buying Academic Books From India: Learn about specialist Indian academic disciplines and how these benefit students, lecturers and academic institutions in the UK. Diversify your academic catalogue with university and postgraduate level textbooks on a wide range of topics, including engineering, medicine, software design, sustainable technologies, the humanities and more.

How To Order

For trade customers you can order any volume of books directly through us by emailing You can chat to us directly at our UK office by phone on 01727 761677, and our stock catalogue is available to browse online by clicking here. We don’t sell directly to individual customers through our website, but we have over 9,500 Indian titles in stock with, and a further 3,400 titles in stock with for US and international customers. Our books can also be purchased through independent booksellers and academic book suppliers across the UK, and the world.

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The Guide To Buying Academic Books From India

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