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Book Review: 'Everybody Loves A Good Drought' by P Sainath

Posted by Ray McLennan on 23-May-2019 16:27:34

Originally published by Penguin Books back in 1996, Everybody Loves A Good Drought is written by the acclaimed Indian journalist Palagummi Sainath. Regarded as a modern classic in the field of rural poverty reporting, the book contains stories from the poorest districts in India and the struggles faced by the people living in them.

Research for the book was undertaken by Sainath himself while working for the Times of India newspaper. The research involved travelling almost 100,000 kilometres across the country, including thousands of kilometres on foot. The newspaper published many of Sainath's reports and some are re-printed in this book alongside original content.

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Book Review: 'Era Of Darkness: British Rule In India' by Shashi Tharor (ISBN 9789383064656)

Posted by Ray McLennan on 06-Feb-2019 14:30:00

An Era Of Darkness: The British Empire in India, published by the Aleph Book Company in 2016, is an explosive and ground breaking examination of the effects of British rule in India, and its ongoing repercussions for modern India. Its author, Shashi Tharoor, is a politician and former diplomat as well as a bestselling author of both non-fiction and fiction. The book was inspired by a speech he made at the Oxford Union in 2015, which subsequently went viral on YouTube and galvanised conversation around Britain's debts to its former colonies.

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Author Profile: Indian Novelist Chetan Bhagat

Posted by Ray McLennan on 30-Jan-2019 14:29:00

Chetan Bhagat is a prolific Indian author and media personality, best known for his English-language novels Five Point Someone, The 3 Mistakes of My Life and 2 States. His novels tend to deal with issues relating to Indian middle-class youth, a topic that has made him a mainstay of mainstream networks and lifestyle columns where he writes as a current affairs pundit and social commentator. Bhagat's novels are bestsellers in India, having sold well over seven million copies. In 2013, Bhagat branched out into scriptwriting with the award-winning Kai Po Che!; he had completed four movie scripts by 2017. Bhagat has even starred as a judge for the seventh season of the reality dance competition Nach Baliye.

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Book Review: 'Plight Of The Stateless Rohingyas' by Imtiaz Ahmed

Posted by Ray McLennan on 21-Jan-2019 14:26:00

Imtiaz Ahmed's "The Plight of the Stateless Rohingyas: Responses of the State, Society and the International community" is a wide ranging response to one of South East Asia's most intractable problems. Published in 2010 by Bangladesh's University Press ltd, the book received a second impression in 2014, as befits one of the foremost works on this difficult topic. In a concise 219 pages, the book manages to cover the history of their situation, both recent and historical, examining its causes and effects, as well as conducting a searching examination of various agency responses and offering some thoughtful conclusions as to what is to be done to resolve this almost impossibly thorny issue, which keeps resurfacing at tremendous human cost.

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Book Review: 'Indian Folktales & Legends' by P. Nath

Posted by Ray McLennan on 14-Jan-2019 14:24:55

First published by our partners Penguin Books India in 1995, Indian Folktales & Legends is a unique collection compiled and edited by Pratibha Nath. It contains a variety of rare Indian folktales from different parts of the country, as well as a number of legends, which draw from ancient books and religious texts like the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

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Join Us At The New Delhi World Book Fair In January 2019

Posted by Ray McLennan on 21-Dec-2018 11:11:00

Hot on the heels of our Christmas break is one of our favourite events of the year - the New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) 2019. Taking place between the 5th and 13th January, the Book Fair is the 47th of its kind to take place in New Delhi, and is India’s largest international publisher’s Expo.

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The Motilal Mission

Posted by Ray McLennan on 15-Nov-2018 13:25:00

At Motilal Books we have made it our business to make Indian books more widely available to individuals and booksellers around the world. This is a very niche sector, so why have we done it?

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Now It’s Even Easier To Search For The Indian Books You Need Through Our Website

Posted by Ray McLennan on 07-Nov-2018 14:41:00

Our updated website makes it easy to search our entire stock catalogue for thousands of English language publications from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. To find a book, simply visit our stock checker page.

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Official Distributors For India’s Ministry of Broadcasting & Information

Posted by Ray McLennan on 01-Nov-2018 09:56:00

We are very proud to have been appointed as official international distributor for the Indian Ministry for Broadcasting & Information, Publications Division (Ministry of I&B). This is a sign of the business rapport we have built with Indian publishing companies over the years, and the positive reflection of Indian culture and society we are privileged to help facilitate by distributing quality books around the world. Long may it continue!

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Publisher Profile: Paramount Books

Posted by Ray McLennan on 26-Oct-2018 17:19:37

Paramount Books is a Pakistani academic book publisher currently undergoing an interesting transformation. Best known for its well-respected Paksinat series of English language medical textbooks, Paramount has expanded its scope to publish books on business studies, computer sciences, engineering, social sciences and even children’s literature. It is predominantly an English-language publisher but has recently started releasing titles in Urdu as well – both original publications and translations of English works.

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