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Join Us At The New Delhi World Book Fair In January 2019

Posted by Ray McLennan on 21-Dec-2018 11:11:00

Hot on the heels of our Christmas break is one of our favourite events of the year - the New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) 2019. Taking place between the 5th and 13th January, the Book Fair is the 47th of its kind to take place in New Delhi, and is India’s largest international publisher’s Expo.

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The Motilal Mission

Posted by Ray McLennan on 15-Nov-2018 13:25:00

At Motilal Books we have made it our business to make Indian books more widely available to individuals and booksellers around the world. This is a very niche sector, so why have we done it?

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Now It’s Even Easier To Search For The Indian Books You Need Through Our Website

Posted by Ray McLennan on 07-Nov-2018 14:41:00

Our updated website makes it easy to search our entire stock catalogue for thousands of English language publications from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. To find a book, simply visit our stock checker page.

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Official Distributors For India’s Ministry of Broadcasting & Information

Posted by Ray McLennan on 01-Nov-2018 09:56:00

We are very proud to have been appointed as official international distributor for the Indian Ministry for Broadcasting & Information, Publications Division (Ministry of I&B). This is a sign of the business rapport we have built with Indian publishing companies over the years, and the positive reflection of Indian culture and society we are privileged to help facilitate by distributing quality books around the world. Long may it continue!

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Publisher Profile: Paramount Books

Posted by Ray McLennan on 26-Oct-2018 17:19:37

Paramount Books is a Pakistani academic book publisher currently undergoing an interesting transformation. Best known for its well-respected Paksinat series of English language medical textbooks, Paramount has expanded its scope to publish books on business studies, computer sciences, engineering, social sciences and even children’s literature. It is predominantly an English-language publisher but has recently started releasing titles in Urdu as well – both original publications and translations of English works.

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The Motilal Book Import & Export World Map

Posted by Ray McLennan on 25-Sep-2018 14:31:19

If you’ve visited our main website recently you may have noticed the large world map on the top banner full of red and blue direction arrows. It isn’t a depiction of our latest holiday destinations (we wish!) What it does is show all the places we import from and sell to around the world. The thicker the line on the map, the larger proportion of our imports or sales come from or go to that destination.

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Censorship & Tolerance In Modern India: 10 Banned Books

Posted by Ray McLennan on 20-Jul-2018 14:00:58

Readers who aren’t shy of courting controversy may wish to check out this list of 10 banned books from Indian Publishers. In the UK we are so used to seeing the progressive, secular face of Indian society that it is easy to forget there are still worrying limits to free speech within the country. Censorship is rarely officially sanctioned by government bodies, but universities and publishers are subject to intense pressure from cultural and religious groups who are often sensitive to insult.

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Publisher Profile: Westland Books

Posted by Ray McLennan on 12-Jul-2018 16:14:32

The similarity between the world of Indian mythology and the more surreal borderlands of sci-fi has been noted by more than a few authors. Some nonfiction writers, such as Nick Redfern, see this as evidence of early visitation of the Earth by extra-terrestrial beings while humankind was in its infancy. Others, starting with Roger Zelazny and L Ron Hubbard, have delved into Indian myths while looking for inspiration for their science-fiction stories.

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The New Sourav Ganguly Autobiography Book Launch

Posted by Ray McLennan on 09-Jul-2018 09:44:12

You know the expression “1.3 billion Indians can’t be wrong”? Or maybe you don’t… Most Brits will agree that it is true of curry and many of cricket too. Cricket is more than India’s national sport. It is an institution, something fundamental to the Indian psyche and view of themselves as a people.

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Publisher Profile: The Himalayan Map Company and The Nepal Map Company

Posted by Ray McLennan on 02-Jul-2018 10:30:18

These companies specialise in exactly the type of publication that their name suggests: trekking maps and mountain climbing guides for North India, Nepal and the Himalayan region. Its range of maps are extremely detailed and specialised, each giving full details of specific treks, view points, glaciers, rivers, monasteries and resting points.

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