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Publisher Profile: Juggernaut Press

Posted by Ray McLennan on 24-Jan-2018 14:45:00

Publisher Profile - Juggernaut Press.jpgJuggernaut Press, founded by entrepreneur Chiki Sarkar in 2016, is one of the most innovative modern publishing houses to have been established in India in recent years. In contrast to some of the big names in Indian publishing, Juggernaut Press is completely independent, with no connections to any American or British publishing house. 

Company Background

The aims and ethos of Juggernaut Press are refreshingly simple. According to their website, they aim to be a “world-class Indian publishing house that redefines reading and writing for the digital age”. Within this goal, they seek to encourage more Indians to read and write books, and to make books more accessible – which in practice means embracing e-publishing and mobile apps on a scale not previously seen in Indian publishing.

The independence of Juggernaut Press gives the company freedom to explore emerging trends and innovative ways of working that some larger players shy away from. Wholly Indian owned, the company nevertheless has an international focus, including several non-Indians among its senior directors and encouraging submissions from international writers.

Although only two years old, this new approach seems to be paying off. Juggernaut Press currently has a catalogue of 5000 books by 3000 authors, many of whom are first-time publishers.

Book Genres & Categories

Juggernaut covers an ambitious range of genres, including biographies of famous Indian figures, novels, poetry, short story collections and fiction titles aimed at children and teenagers. The majority of Juggernaut titles are original works published in English, although some are reprinted classics targeted at an Indian audience. The Indian language publishing division is also thriving, with over 500 original titles currently in print.

Noteworthy Authors & Books

Most of the authors published by Juggernaut Press are little known outside India, or have just recently made their breakthrough into published writing. This doesn’t mean that their publications are lightweight, however. Recent publications include the bestselling biography of Bollywood sex kitten Rehka by Yasser Usman, and The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad by Twinkle Khanna (author of Mrs Funnybones for Penguin books)

One of the most exciting features of Juggernaut Press is its innovative writing platform, which allows new writers to easily publish their work and showcase it on the Juggernaut Website free of charge. New writers who have gained valuable exposure this way include poet Deepika Singh (The Spear of Nationalism), and novelist Harshad Karmalkar (A Hill Dog).

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