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Take Advantage Of The Largest Stock Holding of Indian Books in the UK!

Posted by Ray McLennan on 10-Nov-2016 10:20:00

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Our stock of English language Indian books has now exceeded 13,000 titles. This is an important milestone, as it makes us the largest worldwide distributor of Indian publications outside of India itself. So if you are looking to stock Indian books in your bookshop, Motilal Books is the best place to turn to in the UK, and Europe.

Month on month we add an additional 700 – 1,000 new titles to our listings with Nielsen book data on a plethora of different subjects, a trend we hope to continue into the future. All our titles, held in stock at our UK offices in Hertfordshire, are available for fast dispatch to bookshops the length and breadth of the country. We offer sale or return facility for our independent booksellers, and a variety that really can’t be beaten.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our stock catalogue, we can use our position as exclusive UK importer for 750 Indian publishers, to source the books you need directly from India. We have a permanent office in Delhi and fly stock out from there to the UK and the USA twice a week, so you’ll always be able to get hold of the books you are looking for within the shortest timeframe available.

What’s So Special About Indian Books?

At Motilal we are passionate about Indian publishing. But what is so special about the Indian publishing scene, and what appeal do Indian books have for UK booksellers?

For us, the most exciting thing about Indian publishing is the huge variety of subjects offered. Other South Asian countries have thriving English publishing scenes too, such as Pakistani, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh – but only India has such a big publishing range in the English language.

In India, English is the official language of government, commerce and higher education. Middle-class Indians, at home and abroad, increasingly turn to English language books for entertainment and enlightenment, rather than books written in native Indian languages. This has led to an explosion of popular Indian authors taking the world by storm in all different fields of literature. It is now common to see Indian authors topping international bestseller lists in New York and London in categories as diverse as teen fiction, New-Age spirituality and engineering.

Some Indian authors, such as Vikram Seth and Arundhati Roy, have become household names among lovers of fiction all over the world. This is what we love about our catalogue of Indian books. We have no doubt that among the new novels, poetry collections and historical epics in our stock list are tomorrow’s bestselling Indian authors, just waiting to be discovered.

As an independent bookseller you can be part of this voyage of discovery. You can help bring the rich cultural tapestry of Indian literature to a new readership in the UK. At the same time, you can set your bookshop apart by offering books that are truly diverse and unique.

All You Need To Know About Stocking Indian Books

Indian literature was born in the crucible of thousands of years of cultural exchange and often turbulent history. The English language has given Indian authors a dynamic and almost universally understood means of transmission. English language publishers sales in India are expanding rapidly every year. For British booksellers it is an exciting movement to be part of.

Our stock of book titles is updated daily and can be accessed through our website by clicking here. If you’d like to know more about Indian books and how becoming a stockist can help your sales please follow up by contacting us to explain what you would like to try.

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