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The Best Selection of Indian Academic Books In The World From Motilal Books

Posted by Ray McLennan on 04-Oct-2017 11:50:41

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If you are a school, library, University, graduate student or even a ‘student of life’, where do you source your academic books? The chances are that the ones purchased for college libraries, as well as those available at Blackwells, Waterstones etc, come from a small handful of British and American academic publishers. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but many organisations and students crave a broader perspective on their university discipline.

Why Indian Academic Books?

The answer is simple: India is one of the largest English language academic book markets in the world. Although there are hundreds of different cradle languages across India, the common language of education, from school to post doctoral level, is English. Every single Indian student, by the time they complete their university  level education, will have a working fluency in written English.

To feed this vast internal market, Indian publishing houses produce a massive range of academic textbooks and literary resources, from children’s ‘learn to read’ books, through to specialist theses on all university topics.

The benefit to academics outside of India is that this knowledge base becomes readily available to any student who can read English.

The Advantages For UK Students & Academics

You don’t have to be studying a university course in India to take advantage of academic books from Indian publishers. Most of the topics covered in India’s dozens of high quality universities are the same as you find in the UK, America, Europe  and elsewhere.

Indian students go to university to read engineering, graphic design, software development, medicine, architecture, English literature and many other topics. Where there are differences, they are differences in focus. Many Indian university courses have a more technical inclination than their Western equivalents, one of the factors behind the huge number of engineering and science graduates who pour out of Indian universities each year. This is a benefit to UK students studying the same disciplines, as it gives them access to a wider source of in-depth knowledge that is otherwise unavailable through western publishers.

Stocking Indian academic books is good for you as an organisation or bookseller, good for your students and good for general readers. It provides academic booksellers with wider choice in the topics they sell as well as access to deeper specialist knowledge in the fields in which Indian universities excel, i.e. medicine, engineering, and the sciences.

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To help Western organisations and booksellers discover more about the Indian academic publishing industry, we have written a free Guide To Buying Academic Books From India. This e-book explains the rise of Indian universities and English language publishing, which academic disciplines Indian universities specialise in, and how to source reliable, affordably priced Academic books.

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The Guide To Buying Academic Books From India

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The Guide To Buying Academic Books From India

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