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The Motilal Book Import & Export World Map

Posted by Ray McLennan on 25-Sep-2018 14:31:19

The Motilal Book Import & Export World Map

If you’ve visited our main website recently you may have noticed the large world map on the top banner full of red and blue direction arrows. It isn’t a depiction of our latest holiday destinations (we wish!) What it does is show all the places we import from and sell to around the world. The thicker the line on the map, the larger proportion of our imports or sales come from or go to that destination.

We created this graphic for the London Book Fair this year and it was interesting to see how our global reach had grown over the past few years. Having started as an importer from India to the UK, we now sell to 22 countries on five continents!

Here is a quick summary of where our books come from, and where they go to…


  • India to UK: 43%
  • India to USA: 41%
  • India to Australia: 4%
  • Sri Lanka to UK: 4%
  • Nepal to UK: 3%
  • Pakistan to UK: 2%
  • USA to UK: 2%
  • Bangladesh to UK: <1%
  • Afghanistan to UK: <1%
  • Myanmar (Burma) to UK: <1%

Exports/Sales From UK

  • Sold in UK: 48%
  • USA: 39%
  • South Africa: 3%
  • Saudi Arabia: 2%
  • Lebanon: 1%
  • Germany: 1%
  • Netherlands: 1%
  • Ireland: 1%
  • United Arab Emirates: 1%
  • Hong Kong: 1%
  • New Zealand: 1%
  • France: <1%
  • Spain: <1%
  • Switzerland: <1%
  • Italy: <1%
  • Belgium: <1%
  • Norway: <1%
  • Sweden: <1%
  • Denmark: <1%
  • Turkey: <1%
  • Japan: <1%
  • Kuwait: <1%

Reading The Figures

When crunching the figures we found that although the majority of our imports come from India to the UK, where they are sold, an increasing volume of our imports go to the USA and Australia directly. In terms of sales, while the volumes sent to countries like Japan, Spain and Hong Kong are currently small, some of our international markets, notably South Africa and Saudi Arabia, are growing rapidly. Orders from the UK to the USA are also picking up momentum, which is a very positive sign for ourselves and the Indian publishing industry we serve.

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