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Book Review: Unified Architectural Theory (Form, Language, Complexity) by Nikos Salingaros

Posted by Ray McLennan on 27-Dec-2017 11:30:00

Vajra Books | ISBN: 9789937623056 | £9.99 paperback

Unified Architectural Theory is a bold and sweeping concept. The author Nikos Salingaros attempts to do nothing less than synthesise all the main theories and concepts of architecture into one unified theory. This is an ambitious undertaking, and the reader will have to be the judge of whether Salingaros is successful at making a persuasive case. What the book does do, in characteristically bold style, is provide a cohesive explanation of all the major trends in world architecture, both in India and the West, exploring each in terms of form, language and complexity. In principle, applying the unified theory should bring a deeper and more scientific understanding of any style of architecture.

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The Baahubali Trilogy: Discover The Novel Inspired By The Epic Film Saga

Posted by Ray McLennan on 11-Dec-2017 17:07:54

To introduce The Rise of Sivagami (£11.99, paperback 9789386224606)  by Anand Neelakantan, we first have to look at the enormously popular Baahubali films, of which there are two so far and a third is much anticipated. Baahubali: The Beginning (BBTM), released in 2015, was the most expensive film produced in India up to that time – blowing a budget of nearly $30 million. Based on an original historical concept by director S Rajamouli’s father, the film launches off by introducing Sivagami, an enigmatic character who blurs the barrier between mythology and history. Not much is actually known about Sivagami. At the beginning of the film we see her being chased by soldiers while carrying a baby. Putting up a spirited defence, she manages to cross a river and leave the baby at the edge of the village before succumbing to the waves.

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Book Review: Ceylon Cookery By Chandra Dissanayake

Posted by Ray McLennan on 01-Dec-2017 16:38:22

Stamford Lake Book House | ISBN: 9789558733066 | £19.99, hardback

We are delighted that Ceylon Cookery, the classic Sri Lankan cookbook now in its fifth edition, is available through Motilal Books. In a country that takes its culinary accomplishments very seriously indeed, it is no small compliment that Ceylon Cookery has for years been the bestselling cookbook within Sri Lanka.

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Ratna's Basic Nepali Dictionary, By SP Wagley&Bijay K Rauniyar

Posted by Ray McLennan on 29-Nov-2017 11:41:00

Ratna Books |ISBN: 9789993358015 | £15.99 paperback

With nearly 14,500 individual entries,Ratna's Basic Nepali Dictionary is one of the best introductory English-Nepalese dictionaries currently available on the market. First published in 2005, this is the second, paperback edition from 2008. The book has high quality binding and an intuitive layout, featuring an average 30 words on each page.

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Book Review: Principles of Urban Structure, by Nikos Salingaros

Posted by Ray McLennan on 27-Nov-2017 16:43:00

Vajra Books | ISBN: 9789937623322 | £22.50 paperback

Is a city best viewed as an organic, self-evolving construct, or is the primary influence that of central planners? These often contradictory views shape the way that people view the urban environment. Principles Of Urban Structure provides a refreshing view of contemporary city development by looking at individual structures within a city, and the interrelationship they have with each other. It therefore sidesteps the big picture and looks at the constituent parts, leading, ironically, to a new and deeper understanding of the whole.

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Book Review: Reflections of a Mongolian Shaman, by Byampadorj Dondog Shaman

Posted by Ray McLennan on 28-Sep-2017 13:00:00

ISBN: 9789937623292 | £16.50 | Paperback | Vajra Books

The day-to-day experience of a traditional Mongolian shaman is about as far removed from your average Western nine-to-fiver as it is possible to imagine. This is just one of the things that makes Reflections of a Mongolian Shaman a singularly fascinating read, both for the student of shamanistic religion and the general reader.

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