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7 Unmissable New Titles From Harper Collins India

Posted by Ray McLennan on 20-Jun-2019 14:44:23


Harper Collins India have a great selection of new titles available EVERY month. These include no fewer than three new books by Khushwant Singh, alongside titles by lesser-known, up-and-coming Indian authors. Harper Collins India is one of the country’s most versatile publishing houses, spanning genres as diverse as poetry, film & cinema, Earth sciences and business studies. Here are seven highlights from this month’s releases.

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5 Best Jan 2019 Book Releases From Penguin Publishing India

Posted by Ray McLennan on 12-Jun-2019 15:57:49

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One of our favourite things at the beginning of each month is receiving the roundup of new publications from our Indian publication partners. December 2018 and January 2019 are particularly busy and exciting months for Penguin Random House India, which publishes English-language books in a wide range of genres by leading Indian authors.

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Topics: Indian Book Releases

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