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Remembering 70 Years Of Partition: 5 Indian History Books To Learn More

Posted by Ray McLennan on 17-Jan-2018 14:31:37

Remembering 70 Years Of Partition - 5 Indian History Books To Learn More - NEW1.png

There was not a family in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh who was unaffected by the partition of 1947 – an event which passed its 70th anniversary in August 2017. Coming as it did after the euphoria of independence and the struggles of many men and women in the 1930s and 40s, partition was a bitter blow to widespread dreams of unity and has left a mixed legacy. 70 years on, many people still living remember the tumultuous times following partition, when India was plunged into near Civil War. This year, we have celebrated the positive aspects of independence for India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, alongside other postcolonial countries. Partition holds lessons from history that should never be forgotten, but from the perspective of 2017, we feel there is cause for optimism about how each of these countries has charted a unique course under challenging economic and political conditions.

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Divine Revelation in Pali Buddhism, by Peter Masefield

Posted by Ray McLennan on 30-Nov-2017 10:49:00

Sri Lanka Institute Of Traditional Studies | ISBN: 9789559028024 | £9.99 paperback

Peter Masefield’s classic text on the concept of Divine Revelation in Pali Buddhism, first published in 1986, is sold in library editions for £90 as a hardcover, and £96 for the Kindle edition! The Sri Lanka Institute Of Traditional Studies are to be congratulated for bringing out an accessible paperback of this valuable title to the market for the general reader, at less than £10. The new edition includes the complete original text, along with copious endnotes, biography and author’s foreword.

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God Man To Tycoon: -------Banned In India !!!

Posted by Ray McLennan on 28-Nov-2017 14:06:00

Available Internationally Through Motilal Books!

by Priyanka Pathak-Narain | £13.99 paperback | ISBN: 9789386228383 | Juggernaut

God Man To Tycoon: The Untold Story Of Baba Ramdev, by Priyanka Pathak-Marain is one of the most controversial biographical books to come out of India this year – and it’s selling like hot cakes. Everywhere, that is, except India itself, where it was banned in August this year by the courts.

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Our Stock Catalogue Has Just Surpassed 16,000 Unique Titles!

Posted by Ray McLennan on 11-Oct-2017 11:20:00

We are proud to announce that our stock catalogue of English language Indian books now exceeds 16,000 unique titles. This makes us the world’s largest stockholder of Indian books, outside of India, serviced with our offices in India and the UK.

Our titles are drawn from over 750 Indian publishers, plus publishing houses in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and across South Asia. With many of these books unavailable through other channels in the West, we provide a unique outlet for Indian authors and publishers of all genres, connecting them with a new readership in Europe and America. To these we add between 700 and 1,000 new titles each month, on every conceivable topic from Indian language dictionaries to chemical engineering, comics, children’s books, romance novels and holy texts.

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The Best Selection of Indian Academic Books In The World From Motilal Books

Posted by Ray McLennan on 04-Oct-2017 11:50:41

If you are a school, library, University, graduate student or even a ‘student of life’, where do you source your academic books? The chances are that the ones purchased for college libraries, as well as those available at Blackwells, Waterstones etc, come from a small handful of British and American academic publishers. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but many organisations and students crave a broader perspective on their university discipline.

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Book Review: From Goddess To Mortal: The True-Life Story Of A Former Royal Kumari

Posted by Ray McLennan on 01-Sep-2017 14:30:00

By Rashmila Shakya (Trans: Scott Berry) | ISBN 9789937623063 | Vajra Books | £14.99 Paperback

In Nepal, shamanic and pagan beliefs dating back thousands of years continue to thrive, subsumed within an ostensibly Buddhist religious framework. From Goddess to Mortal is the astonishing story, in her own words, of Rashmila Shakya, a ‘Royal Kumari’ from Nepal who as a child between 1984 and 1991 was widely worshipped as a living goddess.

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4 Great Indian Books That Have Become Bollywood Films

Posted by Ray McLennan on 24-Aug-2017 14:00:00

4 Great Indian Books That Have Become Bollywood Films.png

Bollywood films are full of colour, glamour, music and adventure. The Indian film industry produces dozens of new titles each year, often original scripts with a focus on romantic comedy or action themes. There are, however, several important literary crossovers where Bollywood directors have taken a classic Indian novel and transformed it into a big-screen production. We can think of at least 20 Bollywood films that been influenced by novels or plays to some degree. The following four are, in our opinion, the most faithful to the novels in question, and are among the most thought-provoking Bollywood films ever made.

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Discover The Holy Quran This Ramadan

Posted by Ray McLennan on 15-Jun-2017 12:27:38

Discover The Holy Quran.jpg

The holy month of Ramadan – observed as a time of fasting by Muslims worldwide – takes place this year between 27th May and 24th June. Ramadan is the ninth month of the traditional Muslim lunar calendar, which begins at the sighting of the first crescent moon following the New Moon of Shab’an, the eighth month.

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An Unsuitable Boy: The New Autobiography of Karan Johar

Posted by Ray McLennan on 08-Jun-2017 16:19:09
An Unsuitable Boy, by Karan Johar with Poonam Saxena; Penguin Books of India (Shobhaa De’ Books Imprint), ISBN: 9780670087532, RRP £19.99 (Hardback)

With his good looks, personable style and infectious sense of humour, KJo went seamlessly from film director to TV personality. Koffee with Karan, now in its 13th year, is one of India’s most popular television chat shows, playing host to celebrity guests from the entertainment business in India and around the world. subsequent films.

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The Top 10 Selling Indian Books In The UK In 2016

Posted by Ray McLennan on 02-May-2017 15:40:00

In order of popularity based on the volume of sales, here are the top 10 biggest selling Indian books in the UK from 2016! Enjoy.

All of these books can be ordered for your shop through Motilal Books. Please get in touch for further details.

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