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Indian Publishers Focus: TERI Environmental Publishers

Posted by Ray McLennan on 25-Apr-2017 10:52:50

The publisher we examine in this article is radically different to the others we have looked at, demonstrating the vitality and diversity of the Indian English-language publishing industry. You can read our previous articles about Kitab Bhavan, Pentagon Press and Pearson by following these links.

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Indian Publisher Focus: Pearson Publishing

Posted by Ray McLennan on 18-Apr-2017 17:15:20

Pearson Publishing
is one of India’s foremost educational and academic publishers. Like many of India’s academic publishers, Pearson Publishing (India) is an independent franchise of a British publisher, in this case Pearson Education. Other branches include Pearson International and Pearson North America, which generates 60% of the group’s book sales. All the publishing businesses are part of Pearson PLC, an international media and publishing company which formerly owned The Financial Times, among other publications.

Pearson Publishing (India) follows the same model as Oxford University Press. Although it shares the name and brand identity with a western publisher, it is for all practical purposes entirely autonomous. Pearson has a unique Indian book catalogue not available through any other outlet, largely published to meet the needs of India’s English-speaking academic community.

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Indian Publisher Focus: Kitab Bhavan

Posted by Ray McLennan on 03-Mar-2017 14:00:00

Kitab Bhavan of New Dehli, is one of – if not the – leading publisher of Islamic books in the English language.  Kitab (which means book in both Arabic and Hindi) Bhavan was set up to promote English as the common language of scholarship and teaching for Muslims across India. We take a look at this principled, high-quality publishing house in the second of our series of articles about Indian publishing companies. Kitab Bhavan has undertaken a remarkable journey to become a prolific publisher and global distributor, with English language titles being sold around the world. While by no means a large company, with a small team Kitab Bhavan achieves an intellectual output equal to many of the leading Indian publishers, on a range of Islamic topics.

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Indian Publisher Focus: Pentagon Press

Posted by Ray McLennan on 06-Jan-2017 11:55:39

To showcase the range of rare and specialised topics on India that we stock at Motilal Books, we’d like to write a series of articles to introduce some of our Indian publishing partners. We are lucky enough to work with some amazing publishers from India, as well as from Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere. Each publisher has his own story, his own approach to publishing and a unique company culture.

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