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Nepalese Trekking: Three Of The Best Routes In The Himalayas & Karakorum

Posted by Ray McLennan on 09-Aug-2019 17:06:00

With their deep spirituality and dramatic scenery, the Himalayas and Karakorum are powerful destinations. From gentle treks through remote ranges to some of the most challenging mountain climbing in the world, Nepal has something for everyone. Often, the hikes surrounding the great giants of the sky are as much of a treat as scaling the peaks, meaning that maps of the region are seeing a surge in popularity.

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The Motilal Book Import & Export World Map

Posted by Ray McLennan on 25-Sep-2018 14:31:19

If you’ve visited our main website recently you may have noticed the large world map on the top banner full of red and blue direction arrows. It isn’t a depiction of our latest holiday destinations (we wish!) What it does is show all the places we import from and sell to around the world. The thicker the line on the map, the larger proportion of our imports or sales come from or go to that destination.

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Our Full Indian Academic Book Catalogue Now Available Through Blackwell’s Online!

Posted by Ray McLennan on 22-Feb-2018 12:39:48

Much of the content on our website, and indeed many of the articles on this blog, are aimed at retail, wholesale and organisational customers. We are aware, however, that the most important factors are the needs and interest of end-users – the people who will be buying and reading the books. We want to provide the broadest and easiest access to Indian books for the widest number of people, and the way we have done this so far is through our network of supply partners.

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